7 Superfoods (not as well known)

Feel better, look younger, live longer, 7 superfoods!

We all know we are supposed to eat our vegetables (especially broccoli) to stay healthy and strong. As Money Vikings we see a direct connection to building a strong mind, body and wealth. Therefore, the foundation and fuel of our wealth building capabilities can begin with the quality of fuel we put in our bodies. Beyond food as fuel, the body and mind require a lot from food:
  • nutrients to support proper functioning
  • quality fats, carbs and proteins (not man made junk)
  • support of a healthy micro biome
  • sustaine energy, not hard spikes and dips from refined sugars
  • pleasure of life and emotional support
In this post we present several foods that are particularly good for our gut biome. Increasing research is illustrating how important it is to our overall health to have healthy “good” bacteria in our gut. This plays a role in immunity, weight control, mental health etc. The list of overall benefits is growing every day. There are several reasons I believe our diet and health are key to building wealth:
  • It takes energy to make money. To make money we must apply our physical body and mind to tasks. We must create and work. In order to have the energy we need, we need nutritiously dense foods.
  • Sick care is expensive. In many ways we do not have a “healthcare” system in the USA, we have a “sick-care” system. In other words, the system kicks in and tries to manage things when we get sick. But there are not good programs or environmental cues to keep us from getting sick in the first place. The burden and responsibility is on us as individuals. Therefore, it is imperative to get as many healthy foods as possible. We must be vigilant about this. We understand the occasional junk food, but it must be consumed in moderation. But we should be vigilant about consuming as many healthy nutrient dense foods as possible.
  In the long run this reduces our healthcare costs and increases our productivity and ability to make money.
  • Food is medicine and pleasure. Food is one of the great simple pleasures in life that leads to True Wealth. But, a junk diet based on empty processed foods filled with artery clogging fats and nasty sugars will lead to pain the long run.
All this said, here are 7 foods we have recently learned about and are incorporating in order to build a life of True Wealth Money Viking style:


Kefir is a fermented milk substance, somewhat between a drink and a yogurt consistency. It is an amazing source of calcium, vitamins, easily digested protein and large amounts of powerful probiotic bacterias. Probiotics are being found to have all kinds of amazing health advantages. There are billions of healthy bacteria that live in our guts. But this is not gross, this is great. We literally need this bacteria to live and survive. When someone has unhealthy gut bacteria or low amounts of it, they are prone to all kinds of sickness and disease. We literally live symbiotically with this bacterial organism. Many of the items we list here are essential to creating a healthy gut biome. Incorporating fermented foods into your diet introduces good bacteria to your gut. Think of this gut biome as a vast and healthy forest. The problem is that when we over use anti-biotics or eat an unhealthy diet high in refined sugars and low nutrient packed foods, we literally burn down the healthy gut forest and starve it.  


Another way nutritional experts recommend introducing the healthy bacteria is by drinking Kombucha, a cold fermented tea. This tea has been consumed for thousands of years in Asia and Eastern Europe. This drink is said to aid in digestion, nutrient metabolism and absorption. Kombucha is also high in glucaric acid which helps the liver dispose of toxins.  


After reading about the health benefits of Tumeric (yellow spice that gives curries their color), I started adding it to my morning coffee. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory. Keeping inflammation down in the body appears to be a key strategy in preserving long term health.  


I load up that Hormel Applegate organic hot dog with Sauerkraut. I like HML stock for the dividends and sauerkraut for its health benefits. Again, sauerkraut is beneficial for the probiotic content as a fermented cabbage. As mentioned, probiotic bacteria are a powerful army of good for your health. They protect from inflammation and from harmful bacteria. Probiotics are connected to proper digestion, mood, mental health and weight control.



Next time you hit your favorite sushi joint, do not forget the miso soup. Again, the fermentation process for making this soybean based soup promotes the growth of probiotics. Miso is also packed with nutrients and is also considered a complete protein due to the presence of all amino acids.  


This is a spicy condiment somewhat like sauerkraut that originates from Korea. It is bountiful in vitamin A and C, and of course contains our awesome probiotics. Kimchi can aid in digestion, detoxify heavy metals and fight off infections. I am seeing it become more and more popular in many US stores. Recent research suggests Kimchi can have a slimming effect. Wow, just in time before Spring Break!  


Ginger can relieve nausea, motion sickness and pain. The gingerols compound fights inflammation and also has microbial properties to fight infections, colds and flu. Recently I have been making ginger tea and it is quite refreshing. Probiotics Many of these foods we chose to highlight offer probiotic strength. Probiotics and a healthy gut flora are connected to all aspects of our overall health. And with strong overall health, your chances of living a life of True Wealth and conquering financial freedom dramatically rise. Another common theme we adhere to on our journey of health is to eat real foods. The more processed and removed from nature, the worse the food is for us. If the food can sit on a shelf for eons, then it probably contains stuff that is not a good fit for our biological bodies. We are living things, therefore need the nutrients from real plants and animals to survive and thrive. As always, this is not health advice for any individual. See a healthcare professional for questions.

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