40 Life Things In My 40’s

I am now we’ll launched into my 40’s. I’m enjoying this time in life, but it traditionally has its share of challenges. 40 is not “over the hill” anymore like they use to say. But, it is enough life experience to have learned a few things, hopefully! At this point you have had your share of successes and defeats to start to see what makes a life of True Wealth. A life about kindness, hard work, family, adding value and trying to have a little fun along the way. In your 40’s you have probably been to “battle” and back again. It can actually be a challenging time, studied and analyzed in the Happiness Curve, about life in mid-life. You had some wins and successes. Life has probably also punched you in the gut a couple times. All things seem to come with some lesson if we look for it. Here are 40 things I think are important about life, work, family, faith and finances in our 40’s:
  1. What you do today in terms of effort and investment compounds and will pay off in the future.

  2. Not much is quick and easy. We have today to take small actions towards our big goals or creating something of value.

  3. Trying and starting are important, not cogitating on the perfect idea forever.

  4. Your goals and desires in life evolve with time. What might have been your dream at 20 may no longer be the case at 40. It is ok to let it go and try a new direction.

  5. Kindness mixed with assertiveness wins the day. Being kind is important, but some will take advantage of this, therefore you need the assertive part.

  6. Not everyone will like you, it’s cool, move on.

  7. You will not like everyone, it’s cool, move on and live and let live. Not everyone is good natured. I don’t know why, but these folks have to be managed.

  8. Always save some of what you make. Ideally have it invested in a low cost index fund for growth, but save something every paycheck.

  9. Try and work at a place where they not only pay you, but you also have a chance to learn new things.

  10. Try and work with people you enjoy being around, not always possible, but makes work much more enjoyable and productive.

  11. Be cautious about the next hot thing in investing. It typically pays to stick to the fundamentals that have stood the test of time: low cost index funds, high quality bonds, real estate, solid dividend aristocrats and kings.

  12. Balance making money with health and relationships.

  13. Make your health a priority now starting with your next meal. That is where the decisions start, not in the new year or next month, NOW!

  1. You have one body and mind that needs to carry you through this life. Treat your body and mind as the sacred vessels they are.

  2. Spend some time to understand your relationship with money, it is an important relationship that is often neglected.

  3. Balance in all things usually wins the day.

  4. Make peace with people the best you can. Especially family and friends, we are all humans doing the best we can.

  5. Say I love you if you feel it for someone.

  6. Learn, every day in every way possible.

  7. Sleep, rest. Never underestimate the power of sleep and rest. We are not machines, we are the human animal and are bound by certain laws of biology and physics.

  8. Make space. Make space for peace. Make space for creativity. Make space for love.

  9. Fight for what is right. Typically we are not handed things in this world through the benevolence of others, we must strive and fight for what is right.

  10. Give your children the one thing they would like sometimes: your non-judgmental attention and love.

  11. Give your spouse or loved one the same, your non-judgmental attention and love.

  12. Do not prioritize work over your health. There will be no point to that as time goes on. Find a new job or push back on the one you have and negotiate some balance.

  13. Read your child books.

  14. Play outside as a workout. Just have fun for once again and get the heart rate up.

  15. Get out in nature, it does heal us.

  16.  Declutter and stay organized, we like the Konmari method, which we also apply to finances.

  17. You are only competing with yourself from yesterday: how can you save more, be healthier, be kinder, be more productive and add more value.

  18. Be cautious of appearances. People show who they can be over time.

  19. Be skeptical of what you read and see on TV.

  20. Typically it is a good idea to say YES to opportunities.

  21. Try and say yes to travel opportunities when possible.

  22. What Wall Street and School will not tell you is that building wealth is boring and simple. Earn money and invest money through straightforward low cost vehicles. Live below your means and repeat this for several decades. Then over several decades you will wake up and be wealthy.

  23. Find your way to push back on bullies. They deserve to be pushed back!

  24. Have a professional help you make a living trust if you have kids.

  25. Practice frugality in every way possible. Remember frugality is not being cheap. Frugality is about making sure your precious resources are allocated to your highest values and priorities.

  26. Meditate, do yoga, go on a walk.

  1. Ask for help when you need it. Have faith, pray. You may be surprised by the outpouring of support.

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