7 Foods To Unclog Arteries (Healthy Foods To Fight Heart Disease)

  • Think about your heart health as another powerful wealth building asset!
  • It is the most precious asset we will ever own.
  • Here are 7 foods that can boost heart health.
  • Heart disease could cost the US $1 Trillion by 2035, that will bring us all down!
  Do you watch the crazy news and get freaked by all the weird violence or other dangerous stuff projected on our TV screens? Guess what, most of that stuff has a low probability of affecting your life. You know what has a much higher probability of impacting you, heart disease! Yes, this is scary, but the great news is that it can be highly preventable. The chances of being hurt or killed from junk you see on the news fails in comparison to the number one killer in America: Heart Disease! Almost a quarter of all deaths in America are from heart disease. And this does not include the folks that perhaps survive a heart incident, but are left in poor condition and lose productive happy time. The point here is clear. Although this is a blog primarily focused on helping people build wealth, a life of True Wealth is more dynamic than a number in an investment account. A key component of a truly rich life is our health. Some people sacrifice their health in pursuit of the dollars, only to find out is was never worth it! So, ensure you are investing in your health as well as monetary wealth. Speaking of dollars, having heart disease or some other serious illness is expensive. Unfortunately in the US, folks are often left with large medical bills to pay. We are not fortunate to have a healthcare system that provides security for all citizens in the US. This is the opposite of all other industrialized nations like Canada, England, Japan, Germany, etc. Then add in the lost productivity, wages, cost to one’s family and society, etc. Health quickly becomes a personal finance issue. The crazy part is that this disease is highly preventable through lifestyle and environmental changes. Medical experts say to take the following precautions to help prevent heart disease:
  • Quit smoking

  • Eating a diet that is low in salt, refined sugars, total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol and high in fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Exercise regularly (at least 150 minutes a week)

  • Avoid excessive intake of alcohol

  • Take steps to reduce and manage stress

So, on the diet portion, here are 7 foods that help to prevent heart disease. I like to have lists like this in my head so that when I have the opportunity to consume these foods, I take it. For example, pomegranate is on the list and I was lucky enough recently to have the juiciest organic pomegranate from a family members farm. It was wonderful and messy! Heart disease can be caused by a build up of plaque on the inner walls of arteries near the heart. Age and plaque build up make these arteries less elastic over time, increasing the chances of heart disease. The clogging of one’s arteries is mainly due to a bad diet and bad lifestyle habits. Remember, first we make our habits and then our habits make us! So here are 10 foods to get in the habit of eating as much as possible:

1. Pomegranates

This very messy fruit is packed with anti-oxidants, just like berries. Antioxidants help prevent cell damage caused by oxidants, which are free radicals that you find in the environment, but they’re also produced naturally in our bodies. Some studies point to pomegranates as having blood thinning properties as well. Some folks need to be careful about eating pomegranates on certain medications. Like all health and diet advice, everyone should consult their own personal healthcare provider.

2. Avocados

Another Money Viking favorite, the almighty green gold of avocado! We are from the Southwest, so we love this green fruit on everything. I will even throw it in a smoothie! This fruit contains 20 different nutrients, contains healthy fiber carbs and is especially high in potassium reducing blood pressure. Avocados contain the healthy fats that make us feel full when we eat. Avocado actually reduces the “bad” cholesterol fats in the blood and can increase the “good” cholesterol. Best of all, they taste great!

3. Fish

I love to get my sushi on sometimes, that is how we roll! Come to find out that salmon, tuna, etc. is very good for the heart and arteries. I always imagine how a fish swims through the ocean in a flexible way and think about my arteries become that flexible and healthy. Herring, sardines, salmon, etc. is full of omega-3 fatty acids which have been shown to lower the risk of heart disease, improve mental ability and protect against cancer. All these things are highly helpful for wealth building and being of peak performance. The flip side of fish is that it can be high in metals such as mercury. So everything in moderation. A good example of pollution of the oceans destroying something vital to our healthy existence. Just make sure to consult your healthcare professional.

4. Coffee

Coffee, a Money Viking favorite. We love it so much we have talked about combining the health benefits with the benefits of Starbucks and Dunkin dividends. A large European study found that people who drank coffee each day were 7-12% less likely to pass away prematurely. Depression. 15-20% reduction in cases of depression for coffee drinkers. Again, low sugar, we are not talking Frappuccino’s! Cognitive Decline. Coffee drinkers are 16-20% less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s or other cognitive decline. Cancer. One study showed that 3 or more cups each day was associated with an 18% reduced risk of cancer. Studies have shown that coffee drinkers have a 19% less likely chance of dying from cardiovascular disease. Overall coffee drinkers show a 7% reduction in overall mortality.

5. Turmeric

You may think I am crazy, but sometimes I add a dash of turmeric to my coffee. Actually I am not that crazy, because I recently read that Starbucks is making a numeric infused espresso drink in England. I hope they bring it to the US so we can start reaping the health benefits! Turmeric has curcumin in it, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is a major cause of hardening of the arteries. Turmeric is also found to reduce damage that had been done to arterial walls. Dr. Andrew Weil recently said “Evidence is accumulating that numeric is a promising disease-preventive agent due to its content of compounds called curcuminoids.” This powerful powder helps with arthritis, autoimmune diseases, cancer prevention, liver health and more. I am going to put some in my coffee now!

6. Broccoli

Mom was right, eat your green veggies like Broccoli, it could save your life. Do you care about your life, then eat this awesome and healthy vegetable. Broccoli prevents artery clogging, cholesterol and is full of fiber. Broccoli has a way of fighting against the damage stress does to our arteries. They also look like little trees and you can pretend to be a giant!

7. Green Tea

Green tea contains compounds that decrease cholesterol absorption in the body. Green tea has also shown the ability to destroy arterial blockage. A Money Viking needs to have a strong heart in order to live a full life and build wealth. I truly believe this. There are many other foods that can help improve the function and health of your heart including garlic and one of my favorites, red wine in moderation. And anyone who does not believe this is directly related to wealth and money is fooling themselves. Every second of the precious moments we have in this life depend on our heart functioning properly. Every day we work and earn money depends on our hearts. Every decision we make to invest involves our heart pumping nutrients throughout our bodies and to our brains. So take a few moments to think about investing in one of your most precious and priceless assets of all. If an asset is something that we invest in and gives us value, then the heart is number one.
  • Consult your healthcare professional before taking any steps to improve your health. This is for informational and entertainment purposes and should not be viewed as health advice for any particular person.

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