8 Exercise Hacks For Busy Frugal People

When I see those fancy Peloton commercials I have to admit I feel a bit jealous. Perfectly fit and good looking models hop on the $3,000 stationary bike and work up a sexy sweat. It’s almost demotivating for me because I think I can’t achieve that. But given the Pandemic, those Peloton are probably more popular than ever, but they sure are expensive. In fact, Peloton has been a huge beneficiary of the workout from home conditions of 2020! I have less time at the moment and I don’t have the fancy bike! Those strategic advertisers sure are tricky and I feel a split second impulse to whip out the credit card and enter the seductive world of perfect home workouts. The lighting, the modern decor, the fancy workout clothes, wow!


  Then I snap out of it and realize it is a trick and an illusion. And I realize there are things an average guy like me can do to get some exercise hacks into my day. I’m a busy dad, husband, homeowner, working professional who has demands on his time. I haven’t achieved the luxury of FI yet and the extra hours in the day it provides to work up a sultry sweat. My beef is not with the concept of having an exercise bike in your massive fictitious master bedroom, it’s the price of the thing. You might as well buy a gym membership. I’m a big fan of micro workouts for busy folks, it’s actually quite effective. So here are 5 frugal quick exercise hacks that can fit into your day:

1. Play with your kids

I’m not kidding here! If you have little kids or are an aunt or uncle, go outside and run around with kids. You would be amazed at how much of a feel good fun workout you can squeeze in. Hit the local park and start moving like a kid. It will most likely be fun for everyone and get the heart rate up!

2. Take stairs at work

Not just once, but as many times as possible. On micro or lunch breaks start going up and down the stairs. It gives me a short shot of endorphins, blood flow, etc that makes me feel more alert than from my coffee. http://oracle.davidkanter.com/2018/09/21/drink-coffee-for-health-sbux-starbucks-investment-building-wealth/

3. Push ups, crunches, etc in front of the TV

I don’t have cable, but I do splurge on a Netflix subscription. We might watch a quick comedy or travel show at the end of a long day. We have yoga mats, core stabilizer balls, and other light workout gear near by. Why not bust out a few sit-ups, push ups or stretches. Better than nothing and could feel good.

4. Clean the house, mow the lawn

Things that we need to do anyway can become mini workouts. Vacuum a little more vigorously or mow that lawn. Little movements can add up over the day! Some people do gardening as exercise and therapy, just being outside taking care of your property can be a kind of workout.

5. Build a “used” Peloton gym for $100

Why spend $3,000, when you can build a home gym with great equipment. You may be surprised at how much discounted workout equipment one can find on Craigslist, garage sales, thrift stores, etc. I seriously created a full garage “gym” for $100. No recurring gym fee, just workout equipment without the sweaty residue of the Dude that used it before!

6. Practice micro-exercise

Try to not think of exercise as an all or nothing thing. There is a temptation to just give up if you don’t have the time and can’t wear fancy workout clothes to a gym. But doing 5 minutes of brisk walking, getting up to go to the printer, doing some impromptu yoga stretches all count and add up.

7. Walk the dog

Dog owners have a built in reason to get outside and get moving. Their beloved pets need to be out and exercise. In addition, studies have shown that walking the dog releases feel good hormones and has a positive impact on our mental health.

8. Make it a walking meeting

If you need to discuss an issue with a colleague, why not walk. Walk to the coffee shop to discuss the issue and strategize way ahead. Walk around the block to brainstorm. This will give you some much needed exercise and get your energy and creativity flowing for higher productivity. Please share other “work out hacks” you use to improve your strength and health with limited time and low expenses. http://oracle.davidkanter.com/2018/06/20/build-a-home-gym/

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