30 Day “One Small Step to Financial Freedom” Challenge

We know that life is made up mainly of micro decisions each day and each moment. Even huge human efforts like putting a man on the moon were comprised of millions of small decisions that led to the ultimate moment that the Apollo 11 astronauts (Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins) arrived. Even big decisions like who you will marry or going to college are accomplished and experienced one small step at a time. Getting married is not “happily ever after” automatically, it’s happily ever after through choices, behaviors and habits over many years.

Habits, habits, habits

“First we make our habits, then our habits make us.” I remind myself of this great quote by John Dryden often. We talk a lot about the habits of millionaires and how to create awesome wealth building habits. We do not wake up one morning and then go write a novel. It is put together one chapter at a time with consistent effort. But, these big efforts become overwhelming for our brains to think about. We are geared and designed for survival in the moment and it takes a conscious recalibration to be forward thinking. The same holds true for achieving semi-retirement or financial freedom. It can be a lot to take in at once and requires a rewriting of our thinking.

A couple times each year we dedicate ourselves to 30 day challenges to focus the mind, reinforce good habits and minimize bad ones. So, for the next 30 days we will chronicle one seemingly small decision each day towards conquering financial freedom. At the end of the 30 days we will tally up about how much money was saved/invested and analyze the future potential of just one month and one day at a time of change. Please join us and share your successes in the comments!

Each day will be different and some steps may seem really minor. Perhaps you just make coffee at home and save $5. It all adds up and more importantly trains the brain. See, we are so accustomed to living on autopilot that we forget to ask if our actions are best serving us and others. These can be any kind of decision that improves one’s financial situation. It is not everyday will we increase our savings rate to 20%, but maybe we skip the regular sugar loaded expensive coffee drink one day and log it in our journal. Let’s see what we can achieve. And I bet each small decision will have little impact on your current lifestyle or happiness, but may pay off big in the long run.

An object in motion

I have found that success tends to compound into more success. I do not exactly understand why this is, but I believe small actions build and build and build into great things. And this is how most wealth is built in America. Through thousands of small actions over decades of time. Why not start now?, it may be all we have! Day 1, Leftovers For today, my first micro decision is to eat leftovers for lunch. I just saved $7. I’m going to take it a step further and move that $7 into my Robinhood investment account. I used what I already had, saved $7 and then put the $7 to work for the future. One small decision towards a bigger goal.

7 thoughts on “30 Day “One Small Step to Financial Freedom” Challenge

  1. Hey Greg, this is a great idea! I haven’t visited my Starbucks for a couple weeks and have saved about 2.50/day for 2 weeks, which is about 25 bucks so far! I’ve also done similar and invested in some stocks like MU and SQ, which I’ll write about later in future posts!

  2. I always eat leftovers for lunch. It’s amazing how much money you actually save by not buying food everyday. At nearly $10 for a decent meal, that adds up quickly in a short amount of time.

    1. That is awesome! Such a huge way to save and plow that money into assets. I’m trying to be better about lunches! Leftovers, split meals, etc. thanks for the re-inspiration.

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