Raise App! Unwanted Gift Cards & Discounts

Someone gives you a gift card you don’t want, what to do?

We mentioned this one before, but worth mentioning again because it is very cool and has saved us money.  The Raise app has two helpful functions.  Number one, you can sell unwanted gift cards at the Raise marketplace. Aunt Mildred gave you a gift card to Mimi’s Cafe, but you are just not into it. No offense to Mimi’s, I happen to like that place! What to do with unwanted gift cards?  The person meant well, but perhaps the gift card is not exactly something you could use. Go to the Raise marketplace, fill out a few lines and then ship then mail the card to them. They then deposit most of the money into your account. There is a small discount because Raise has to resell the card online.

Retailers taking customers money for nothing

Most stores bank on the concept that many gift cards get lost, tossed aside, mismanaged, etc.; which is free money and advertising for them.  Using the Raise platform you can sell unwanted gift cards.

Discounts on the other end using the app

On the other end of this equation there is someone that may want the gift card. Perhaps you want to find discounts to your favorite places that you frequent regularly. Panera Bread, Walmart, Target, Dunkin, Old Navy, etc. etc. Almost any card you can imagine is for sale and can be used on your App and you get an instant discount. The Raise app has them for sale at a discount.  Therefore you are automatically getting 1-25% off many cards from many popular stores.  Added bonus, there is no card management, it is all managed on your phone. Just another way we save small amounts of money that add up over time.  We receive no incentive for talking about this, just another useful tool for one to use if they wish.

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